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Face Painting Fairies

Fairy Heather

fairy heatherHeather designs and makes all the fairy costumes. She likes to play with colours, fabrics, jewels & flowers. Her favorite is - all the colours of the rainbow. Heather loves flying and has lived in lots of different countries.

Heather’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up…but thinks that being one of the Facepainting Fairies is the best yet!


Fairy Rose

fairy roseRose was born in India and enjoyed living in the wild foothills of the Himalaya Mountains. She is an artist and loves painting, drawing, gluing, sticking and making things, all that glistens - as far as she’s concerned - is gold.

Rosie loves bunny rabbits, puppy dogs and little children. She is gentle and caring and always makes them feel special. They tell her their secrets and she understands. She works her magic with shy children and brings them gently out of their shell. Everyone loves her – especially the other fairies!


Fairy Priya

fariy priya Priya loves flying from flower to flower but also reads books and thinks deeply about everything. She studies well for her exams and hopes to be a Doctor someday.

Priya is the eldest daughter in her family and enjoys playing with her little sister. She always has good ideas for fun games with little children. She is calm and patient which makes her a lovely big sister. All fairies love her too!